Discovery Questions

1) What is the size of your book keeping team?

2) How many of these are full-time?

3) What is the approximate monthly payroll cost on accountants and bookkeepers?

4) Do you have any vacancies in the book keeping dept? If yes how many?

5) What is your annual turnover ratio in book-keeping?

6) What are your approximate annual costs on recruitment and training of book keepers?

7) What software are you using for accounting?

8) How are you sending reports and alerts to your customers by email regularly?

9) What is the general turnaround time (between the time data received from customer and the time reports are available for review)?

Specific Requirement

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Nimble Team
U.S. Based Team as well as Offshore Team

Kay Garland
Lead Designer

Peter Rubando
Vice President - Sales

Diana Pertersen
Lead Developer


Great report exactly what I need..congratulations it's great software.

Rick Albert
Pocono donuts LLC

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