The first map is found at Cairn Lake, which is located north of Valentine up in the mountains. Availability: The first two map parts are available from chapter 2 onward. In the very middle of it is a hole where the treasure map is placed in. You can surprise them by shooting the gang members from afar. after looking around for a while i eventually stumbled on a Head with a part of a map shoved down his throat, it turned out to be a map piece to something. I tried to jump to the 3rd location, but I can’t search for the next tip – I assume because I don’t get the previous map. Guide for the Red Dead Redemption 2 Poisonous Trail Treasure Map Hunt (Location & Solution). How can I make him respawn ? One of the most intriguing of mysteries is the Panoramic Map which shows a number of locations around the world as viewed from Mount Shann. What’s special is that you always have to follow a series of 3 clues before you get to the actual treasure. The Poisonous Trail Map 1: Halfway up a hill, there’s a broken tree on the ground and another dead tree still standing. I found a “Sketched Map” & it takes you to Elysian Pool. Climb down into the mound and inspect the hole to get the next treasure map. Where to find Treasure Map 1. The map is found by talking to a guy camping up east of the map label Donner Creek (i think). You'll find this geographical feature in the state of Lemoyne, North of Rhodes, and North of the Hill Haven Ranch along the road up in the Scarlett Meadows. I found the treasure hunter but he ran and got on his horse before I could lassoo him. Yeah found that map for Elysian Pool, think it was reed cottage in fireplace, (north of Annasomething town) haven’t found the treasure yet as I couldn’t find the 2nd tree in map. After you collect the 2nd map part it turns into the Mended Map which is both pieces put together. In the dead tree is the treasure … Instead, you will have to stumble upon it in the wilderness, and the following maps will take you all across the lands in Read Dead 2. Go through it and you’ll find a series of hidden tunnels, at the very end of one of them is the treasure. The tree is the one on the top of the rock, looks slightly different from the rest, from there so 20 steps north and 5 est and it bang ther. Same, I have the ultimate and there’s no map in the prison. This treasure can be a bit of a pain to gather. Can someone please help me? High Stakes Treasure Map 1: Behind the Waterfall at Cumberland Falls. Killer Clue Solution: After finding all murder sites you can proceed to the murderer’s location, which is a requirement for the American Dreams Stranger Mission. I let the guy with the high stakes map get away after trying to rob him, will he show up again? Hey can any body please help me i have found all the killer clues and I have follow the map to the location and nothing seens to happend when I walk up to the door… What should i do PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME………….. Then I returned to retrieve the map from treasure hunter corpse but his corpse just vanished . I’ve completed Jack Hall Gang Treasure Map, Poisonous Trail Treasure Map Go inside the one building that’s not burned and to find the map next to a dead body. the other half is in the hermits shack when you walk up on his cabin he will yell at you and you kill him make sure to pick up his rare double barrel, and then the map is in the house, I do not remember the exact location i got the sketched map from, it was in a shack in the fireplace. Members of Del Lobo will attack you after a short “introduction”. Starting Map Location: In the Cairn Lodge at “Cairn Lage” in the snowy region north-western part of map. It’s west of Twin Rocks, inside a tiny cave. Saw a few reddit posts on people that had the same issue as me. What exactly the map is showing has yet to be determined, but the mystery of it has many people excited. The first piece of the map can be found in the northeastern part of the map—close to where you start off the main story. The map shows 2 trees with Xs under them, am I missing a 2nd tree somewhere?? Reward: Otis Miller’s Revolver & 5 x Erotic Photograph. The third Jack Hall Treasure Map shows a picture of a lake called O’Creagh’s Run. I searched all spawn zones over and over but I found nothing. The piece of the map can be found inside a lockbox in the cabin. There’s a little tunnel at the bottom on the right. It is nowhere to be found. Below I will show you where to find the Panoramic Map in Red Dead Redemption 2. I’m not sure where the picture on the map is. You can only go here after having reached the Epilogue of the Story. The first Poisonous Trail treasure map can be found at the small cabin at Cairn Lake in the northwestern corner of the map. He can spawn in different predefined areas but it’s random in which of the areas he shows up – so you’ll just have to check all of them. I apologize for the Inconvenience caused due to the Issue. The middle pile has the treasure under it. I have tried general stores and fences, but they don’t seem to have one. You missed one, it is the three brothers annesberg treasure. Les Tresor Des Morts Map 3: Inside the little building on the Saint Denis graveyard. Halfway along the road to the river past the train tracks, head south up the hill to find an abandoned tower you can climb. Here you find 5 Gold Bars worth $2500 when sold to a fence. Saw a video & apparently I think I found it the first time & didnt know it. I shot at him but he just disappeared. Just like the first Red Dead Redemption, Red Dead Redemption 2 features treasure maps that players can collect on their adventures that lead to especially valuable treasure. First go up the mountain and find a path leading down the right side. ten instead of five) and can be unlocked after becoming a Legendary Treasure Hunter.”, I checked the cell before looting the gold bar so doubt that has anything to do with it, just a heads up…for the tresor des morts map, you need to have pre-ordered before July 31, 2018…. Basically follow Little creek river all the way north till it stops. Reward: 2 Gold Bars (can be sold to Fence for $1000). If you don’t have access to it, no worry, the 3 default treasure hunts are all you need to get 100% completion. You get 4 gold bars from this treasure. This is the north-west part of the map – don’t forget to take warm clothes with you. GOLD BAR that I’ve yet to see someone show online and it will not let me pick it up but when I click both sticks in it flashes like I’m supposed to grab it… it is near the A in AUSTIN on the map at a place called ridgewood farm, when you pull up your map it is the smallest building of the 3 and its behind it in a lock box… if you can find out a way to pick it up please let me know!! Count the steps from there or you can check the rocks near the camp. The Landowning Classes / Home of the Gentry? Search behind the withered tree trunk to find a hole at the base you can inspect to find the next map piece. Will I find him again at one of the other locations? It’s under the water fall.. someone has a YouTube video of it. The Treasure Hunter’s satchel allows the player to carry twice as many consumables (i.e. Does anyone know how to get my lantern back? ☄️ Instituto Orion Programas e Ações Conselhos Instituto Orion Then you must jump from one ledge to the next and find the treasure in a crevice of the rock wall. Where to find Treasure Map 1: Head on over to the cabin at Cairn Lake to start the Treasure Hunt. Cairn Lodge stands on the edge of the lake. We’ve created a whole chart of cheats for you, if that… Even a lot of other side missions are unfinished but i played it and finshed them all !! The Poisonous Trail Map 3: This is in the cave behind the waterfall at Elysian Pool. See the possible spawn zones below (I found him at day): You’ve got to lasso him and tie him up. SKETCHED TREASURE MAP! One of the fastest ways to make money in RDR2. As with its predecessor, “Red Dead Redemption 2” is a game packed with secrets, mysteries, and a fair share of treasures. Availability: As soon as Chapter 2 starts, you must pick up the starting map to get the first clue. The cheat codeKeep Your Dreams Simplecan be found scratched on Cairn Lake's ice. I also searched fence inventory or other parts of this treasure map(the one behind watterfall) but there was nothing too. While these treasure maps are on the same place all the time, you have the option to complete this mission anytime you want. Upon finding the treasure map at the Face Rock in Scarlett Meadows, you will have your next clue. Reward: American Dreams Stranger Mission & $20. Jack Hall Gang Map 1: This is found on the side of the mountain “Caliban’s Seat”. So frustrating, Can the high stakes treasure hunter be found at the end of the game? There is another treasure map that you find inside the obelisk by lake owanjila the map is called the LANDMARKS OF RICHES treasure map and once you find the treasure it’s 6 gold bars. You'll see tiny ledge you can get on top of on the cliff face. Reward: 5 Gold Bars (can be sold to Fence for $2500). The Map features an iconic looking rock face that looks like a head, with a path leading to the right winding past trees to the treasure. Treasure Map 1 Location: On the South East side of Facu Rock, West of Ringneck Creek. As you move deeper past the initial cave tunnel, ignore the rest of the cave on the map, and look down on the right in the first large corridor for a small slope down to a pit. When you reach Cairn Lake, look for a small abandoned cabin on the southeast side of the lake itself. I ran into a stranger near Cairn Lake who needed help looking for his friend that got lost in a snow storm. At the north end of the pool where the river empties out you will find a large waterfall. The quest will introduce you to Flaco Hernandez who is hiding in a hut at Cairn Lake in The Grizzlies. Cant find High Stakes Treasure map… Disgusting random thing…, i think this is bug, i got torn treasure without map when i was roaming, after that, i collect the map and go to the location again, obsolutely, there is nothing, but the problem is that i can not have 100% complete for explorer challenge. Because when I go to the place of the second treasure map not happens. And he has a few men outside as well. Same problem here. Went there a day after and the corpses were gone and still no map. Siga a gente nas redes sociais! has any anyone found that panoramic map found up north in the mountains on a frozen corpse. At the top of the hill is the circular end of the snake with a rocky mound in the middle. Enter the lodge at the Cairn Lake and look under the bed to find the map in a lockbox. If after 3 encounters you haven’t got the map it can be bought from fences. Jack Hall Gang Map 3: On a small island in the middle of the lake O’Creagh’s Run, under a small rock. To find your lantern, get on the horse, look for it in items (where the knife is), select it and get off horse. I don’t know why this one is giving me so much trouble. It lies southeast of Colter. Look for Cairn Lake on your map and then head up to the lake. This finishes the Jack Hall Gang Treasure Hunt. Others haven’t. However, one of the treasure hunts called “Les Trésor Des Morts” is only available if you pre-ordered the digital edition or bought the special- or ultimate edition of RDR2. So basically, you’ll want to beat the game first for this one. You can walk up a wooden log on the right side of the waterfall. After you enter, drop down on the right side the first chance you get. Head on over to Bacchus Station and dismount your horse due west of the name on the map. The map will feature a snake-like formation, and a mound with rocks where the treasure is located. Otherwise it’s pitch-black in there. Located in Grizzlies West, Ambarino, you will find a small cabin near Cairn Lake that goes by the name of Cairn Lodge. In the 100% checklist it counts for the "Treasure Hunter" collectible task. It’s smack dab in the center of the Grizzlies East. I got my first piece from a witch I had to kill. Done the high stakes maps 1,2 and 3, found the gold and now I’m working on the explorer challenges, at explorer 8 but I’ve already done what is required so all 3 maps are not in there locations, the gold is not there either. The Killer Clues puzzle is not technically a treasure hunt, but it does lead to a secret Stranger for the hidden mission American Dreams. What should I do? The next part has a crossroads with two paths - and by consulting your map you'll find that going right is the correct choice. Availability: As soon as Chapter 2 starts, this is part of the Stranger Mission “All That Glitters“. He’s called Maximo and offers to sell you the map. I am stuck on the poisonous trail map 3… I have found the cave at elysium pool, but somewhere along the lines it appears as though I gave lost my lantern so going into the cave is a no go. You can make your way there by taking a long ride north northwest of Valentine, or by making your way northwest of Fort Wallace and Bacchus Station into the mountains. Found the two corpses in the prison but no map. Starting Map Location: Go to the below location (near Flatneck Station) and talk to the Stranger there. For The Poisonous Trail Map 1 Treasure Location. Ig you get to the tree with the X mark on it and count the steps you could not find the gold, this happenned to me, because there are treasure hunters in there on a camp, search the bodies! Reward: 3 Gold Bars (can be sold to Fence for $1500). This is an exclusive bonus mission not available in the standard edition! Same here is there any eay to get this tresure? Torn Treasure Map 1: On the far left side of the map, at the start of the Little Creek River, inside a drawer of a wooden hut. I’ve got the second map in Caliban’s Seat (I opened and everything) but it doesn’t appear in my bag anymore. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. I can’t grab it either, seemingly because I already have a naval compass! You can retrieve it to get $35 for your camp’s tithing box and to finish this optional story mission. The Poisonous Trail is a unique set of treasure maps in that you cannot buy the starter map anywhere, nor will anyone tell you about it. Skip to ... located at the edge of the Cairn Lake. The treasure hunting is over - Arthur is about to become rich. Pick up the Poisonous Trail Treasure Map 1 from the box under the bed inside the cabin. Follow the trail south, it’s on the left side of the trail. Leave your horse behind and jump headfirst into the waterfall, only to find a secret passage into a large cave system on the other side. Poisonous Trail Map #2 However, the treasure can only be reached after you get to the Epilogue in the story. Same here. Map 1. Wade your way over to … There is a hole by the rock where the gold would’ve been. Only 3 treasure hunts are needed for 100% game completion, they count for the Explorer Challenge (and all challenges are required to attain 100%). Do you remember where you found the map for it / starting point? Counted out the steps, searched the rock… nothing. Does this mean that I lost whole treasure hunt mission? I’ll let you Google for more details about this treasure on the Web. I don’t think he dropped the map. Refer to the video guide at 1:51 for the path as the tunnels can be very disorienting. After a few drops you can find this treasure edged into a crevice. Hey my name is chris, I seem to have found a You can also find an abandoned campsite here with a lockbox that holds some valuables. Gallery. Availability: Exclusive pre-order bonus for digital edition or if you own the special edition / deluxe edition of Red Dead Redemption 2. Let’s get started. For more RDR2 guides check out our full Red Dead Redemption 2 Wiki & Strategy Guide. Availability: Chapter 3, after finishing story mission “The New South”. Then he drops his map and you can pick it up. The map also sits in the map section in the bag not the treasure map section. If you do have this bonus mission then you can skip one of the other treasures. Enter the Cairn Lake Lodge, and look under the bed for a lockbox you can loot - which will contain the Poisonous Trail Map 1. Cheat codes guide - RDR2; All Poisonous Trail Treasure Map Locations and Solutions. the tree is up on top of the hill, once you find it you take 20 steps north 5 steps east and is around a rock that you will be facing. Is it maybe because I looted the gold bar from the sheriff’s office first? I found his friend mauled, told him, then he proceeded to head to his friends body. O Parque. RDR2 has a dedicated section for Treasure Map’s. In a lockbox under a bed next to the door. Red Dead Redemption 2 has 4 Treasure Hunts and this guide shows all treasure map locations and solutions where to dig up the treasure. Any idea anyone? To locate the first map, head up to the West Grizzles where Chapter 1 of the game took place, and head southeast from the town of Colter you were holed up in to the small Cairn Lake. If you decline he lowers the price from $10 to $5 but then you should really buy it. for the sketched map the tree is to the left west of falls not next to the river as it kind of appears on map larger tree has scraggly bark and a literal X carved in it the instructions are straight forward walk 20 paces north then 5 to east it will prompt to inspect a rock and there’s the gold ingot $300, Go back to that tree with the X, walk 20 steps North then 5 steps East you will come to a rock that will have the treasure. ,Le Tresor Des Morts Treasure Map and i was at 9/10 . (Killer Clue 1 Piece)…. Starting Map Location: A random treasure hunter has it, who gets marked as a Chance Encounter when you get nearby. Once at the lake, you’ll be able to spot an outcropping jutting out from the center of the lake. Once here, look for a small cabin at the very end of the lake. One map will lead to the next and the 4th location you visit will have thea actual treasure. Brent it is not under the water fall, that is a different treasure. The game's vast and atmospheric world also provides the foundation for a brand new online multiplayer experience. This finishes the Poisonous Trail Treasure Hunt. We've marked these on the map above, with the green circle indicating the area where spawn chance is the highest percentage. If you don’t read the map right after getting it off him, he will beat you to the tree and take the treasure. There is no map to it but there is a picture about the statues drawn into a rock face nearby where the statues can be found inside of a cave. After landing on the lower ledge, look for a long slope on the other side to fall down to a dead end with some water, and a pile of rocks on the left. On the top of the cliff to the left of the waterfall is a tree with an x marked on it. I’ve searched each spot multiple times and I’m starting to wonder. This means you can’t just head straight to the final treasure’s location from the start. This finishes the High Stakes treasure hunt and you get 3 Gold Bars for it, worth $1500. I’m stuck into a pretty annoying bug for the Jack Hall Gang Treasure Hunt. Hopefully it gets fixed. The shack where the first Poisonous Trail Map is also where you find one of the gunfighters for the Stranger mission in Valentine (its in the saloon the first time you go to Valentine). The Red Dead Redemption 2 Poisonous Trail Treasure Hunt is one of the most difficult treasure hunts in the video game developed by Rockstar Studios for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.. What makes the Poisonous Trail Treasure Hunt so difficult is the fact that nobody will tell you about it or even mention it.. If you haven’ gotten that quest yet it’s a long trip to have to make twice. I already tested sleeping some in game days or kill arthur to make chance encounters restart but nothing happened . There’s no money to be earned here but it gives you some erotic photographs and a revolver that counts for 100% completion. Found only one gold bar, so far, but i think there is still more to the quest. You have to beat the guy to the tree or else he takes it and there’s no way apparently to get it back. Look to the left with your lantern to find a pit below you, and a lower ledge on the left that you must run to (tap the run button to build speed) and then jump across to land safely. WTF guys. the poisonous trail to be exact. Those were all the Red Dead Redemption 2 Treasure Maps and their solutions. I have a problem with high stakes one.I found the man who carried the starting map and i killed him but a witness appeared and i chased him to stop him from alerting law .